Krion Corsovan

Leader of the Spider Thorn Thieves and All Around Nice Guy


Age: 56
Height: 5" 8
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair: Black with a few gray clumps. His hair is long and is kept in a low ponytail with multiple braids within.
Eyes: Golden brown
Skin: Deeply tanned
Body shape: Short and stocky with wide shoulders and thick muscles, he has short legs and is built more for sprinting than an extended run.
Face shape: Square jawed with a wide mouth and large, flat nose. He is always grinning very, very wide.
Clothing: Wears black studded leather armor with the guild symbol carved into the back and tight black pants. He wears a bright red cloak with a hood and has several piercings in his right ear. His armor is lined with small scabbards for throwing knives and daggers. He also wears a locket with a small portrait of himself and Val when he was a child.
Distinguishing marks: Has a tattoo of a spider on his right thigh and his left arm is more scar tissue than skin. He has a huge scar across his left eye that is several shades lighter than his skin. He also has a random smattering of burn scars and acid scars.


“Sonny boy, you’re gonna own this guild some day, ya will. And when that day comes I’m going into the fine business o’ gamblin!”
~Krion Corsovan on his retirement plans.

Krion Corsovan took over the Spider Thorn guild at age twenty and quickly put it on the map as a particularly skilled guild. He instituted a “there is no race among thieves” policy for the guild and is known to employ anyone useful as well as using his guild members to bring down other guilds or absorb them.

Krion met Val when he was bought from a local orphanage by one of his thieves. When Krion saw how good the little guy was at picking locks, he adopted him and began training Val to be a thief. Krion taught Val how to lie and steal and did his best to be a good father to the tyke. He watched his son fall in love and even helped him steal the engagement rings like a good father would. He also watched his son get his heart broken and has since done his best to follow Val’s wishes and keep an eye on Melanne.

Krion is, overall, a really nice guy but is loud and bombastic more often than not and would steal your wallet as much as look at you. He’s a gambler by nature and is known to phrase commands in the form of making bets. He’s also a liar, and a very good one at that. The biggest thing he’s honest about is his affection for his son and he considers Val his only family.

Krion has a small house that acts as the entrance to the guild. He is usually found there, filling out mission briefings and such. The cache Val keeps is in the house, hidden in his bedroom. Krion usually is waiting for Val to show up.

Krion Corsovan

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