A mysterious young man of unscrupulous morals


Height: 6"
Weight: 126 lbs
Age: 30 (physically) 35 (actually)
Hair: Dark brown with a white streaked bang. His bangs hang over his face and the rest of his hair is cut short.
Eyes: Green (when alive) Violet-Red (Revenant)
Skin: Light tan (when alive) Drowned pale (Revenant)
Body-shape: Tall and slender, all muscle with thin hips. Wide shoulders with long, thin hands (perfect for picking locks).
Face shape: Thin and angular, but handsome in a roguish sort of way. His nose is a tad crooked from being broken twice, once by his trainers at the guild and the second by Melanne, but this doesn’t detract from his appearance as a handsome young man. Often has a huge grin on his face that reaches his eyes but is oddly empty. His eyes are almond shaped and large.
Clothing: Wears his armor under a white tunic with tight, black pants and a long cloak that has a hood. He also wears a necklace with his engagement rings on them. His boots go over his pants to mid calf and he wears fingerless black gloves with red runic symbols. He wears a dark purple sash about his hips to hold his scabbard. On it is the symbol of his guild, embroidered in green.
Distinguishing marks: His back is covered in stabbing scars and whipping scars, the mark of his guild is also on his back, with a huge stab wound in the center. His hands are covered in little scars from training, his neck also has a huge scar from a throat cut, and his right arm has marks from the different chains he was kept in. He also has a half moon shaped birthmark on his ankle (this is a common birthmark in his father’s family but he is unaware of this).


“Me? All I want is a pretty girl or boy, a good home, and all the wealth of the Emperor. Simple things make me happy.”
~Val, when asked why he feels the compulsive need to break open every lock he sees.

Early Life

Val was born to an elf woman of Lunarae descent after she was raped by a human soldier (Joahann Straverse). She fled to the Crystal seed elves while pregnant and died in child birth, leaving Val orphaned and in the care of the elves there, particularly Kirianna Lrystyal. Val, however, looked more human than elf and was abducted from the elves by a human regiment making their way through and deposited in an orphanage.

Val wasn’t there for long, at age six Val was bought by the local thieves guild and was intended to be a slave but was very, very good at getting the locks undone. After a four failed years of trying to break Val’s spirit, Krion Corsovan (a human rogue and Leader of the Spider Thorn Guild) noticed his talent and began Val’s training as a thief at age ten.

Val was hand raised by Krion to be an expert liar, to have a mask for any occasion and to slip through the cracks as easily as the wind. Much of this training was at the cost of years of whippings and pain in order to get it right as Val is clumsy by nature and needed the rough instruction, but eventually that got turned to his advantage. By age twelve he was helping to steal from higher-class nobles in his home city, sneaking in and out as though he was never there.

At age 15, he graduated and was given his blade, after it was used to cut the symbol of his guild into his back over her whipping scars (a spider surrounded in a crown of thorns). He also has a gift for poisons.

Despite his outward annoying demeanor, he is actually quiet and cunning, using this personality as a ploy to keep people from getting too close too quickly. This is mainly due to the loss of his first love, an elf woman named Melanne, whom he planned on marrying at age 18. Upon discovering Val’s secret a year later, Melanne grew cold and threatened to reveal him to his partners in the guild if she ever saw him again, and it was from here that Val grew aware of his status as a half-elf and left Melanne’s home with a broken nose and heart. The lute he carries is one that Melanne made for him, as an engagement gift, he also carries their engagement rings on a chain around his neck, two simple silver bands that gleam as if new.

After this event Val grew colder inside, with very little compassion for anyone other than himself and Krion. But, being a thief requires one to fake it and fake it he does. If one was to get past years of walls and rejection, they would find a very quiet, intelligent man who knows nothing of acceptance and love. With nothing of value to hold him to his city anymore, other than Krion, he struck out on his own to steal what he could when he could, equating this to self-worth. He also has a soft spot for elf women in general, particularly dark-haired ones. Despite this though, he is bi-sexual and has had empty dalliances with men and women since.

For eleven years Val stole many treasures, hiding them in a little cache in the City of Glass. He evaded capture and became infamous in smaller cities, known as the “Spider Shadow” for his style of thievery.

Upon turning thirty, Val set his sights on the Emperor, choosing to make his name by stealing his greatest treasure. He made it half way up the tower before he was caught, stabbed repeatedly, and thrown into a river.

He dreamed of a woman who spoke to him with magic, a man who crafted the words for him, and together, they inscribed the magic words into his mind and upon her heart.

Upon waking, his first thought was that he should be dead, but he wasn’t. He was sitting in a strange lake, coughing up what felt like three fish and some seaweed before pressing onward and deciding to bide her time. He didn’t know he was already dead, and that the lake had revived him. All he knew was that he was alive, and wanted his treasure.

The Past Five Years

Val has spent the last five years amassing a small treasure trove in the City of Glass and helping his father get rid of the competition of other thieves guilds, avoiding fights when he can.

Val is currently traveling with a grumpy elf, an awesome scorpion dude, a crazy cop, and a pretty young druid. Overall, he’s pretty happy with this turn of events.

Personality Profile

Val presents himself as cocky, loud, and obnoxious when not on a job and actually will make mistakes on purpose to perpetuate this act. What Val is best at, is lying through his teeth and making it sound very, very real. He acts dumb and talks a big game in order to be tricky, and to make people think he’s useless so he’ll have the upper hand when needed.

In reality, Val is very untrusting and quiet, cunning and cold. He knows what to do and how to do it to get what he needs at any given time and has few, if any, loyalties. He has been cast aside and hurt more times than he would care to admit and holds that deep inside. When all is said and done, Val takes comfort in things more than people because he can keep them, rather than be rejected. This has turned him into a bit of a magpie and a kleptomaniac.

As a result, he doesn’t need to be liked and will change loyalties quickly, depending on who is paying. Everything is business to him, even his dalliances, and he rarely ever stays around to care long enough.

He does, however, have a weakness for elf women with dark hair and bright eyes. Despite the pain of rejection and his hurt, he clearly still has feelings for Melanne and anything that reminds him of his first love can instantly win him over.

Fun Facts!

-Val’s favorite color is blue.
-The first thing Val ever stole was Krion’s thieving kit. He still uses it.
-Val hates open spaces since there are few places to climb and to hide


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