Vrah Mordare

Halfling minstrel with a history


4’ 4"
85 lbs
Wild Blond Hair
Piercing Blue Eyes in which some see the cold light of death
Pale but not albino skin with some small unusual spines
His face is that of someone you get a feeling that you can trust intuitively and is somewhat elven
Due to his years of acrobatically entertaining people with stunts he is also fairly muscular although this is not readily apparent

Wears black 3/4 pants, a black v-neck shirt and a black cape with a silver line across the bottom and a silver image of the Silent Masque, the group that he works with.
He wears his leather armour on underneath the shirt, but made sure there was a v-neck in the armour as well.

While wandering the city streets he wears his weapons at all times and keeps a number of items in his belt pouch and backpack that might come in handy. This includes a black mask for when he needs to move without being recognized.
He is always ready for what his jobs require.


Vrah is currently 21 years old and a performer with the Masque.
He emerged into the world from another plane at the age of 10 and was initially set upon by some of the soldiers of the Emperor, but he managed to escape and found the Masque where he sought out a man he somehow knew to be his father who was a nearly retired performer for the Pyrotonic Masque. Vrah quickly determined however, that his true calling was with the Silent Masque.
As a member of the Masque, Vrah has travelled the world and learned much of its inhabitants and those who live under the Emperor and those who live outside of his influence. During his travels he encountered a figure who changed his perspectives on what it meant to influence the world. He learned there are other ways to change public opinion, there are stories and performances and then there are murders and martyrs. Depending on the situation he has no qualms with scaring an individual or eliminating them.
He maintains a curiosity of his previous existence and wants to know more about where he came from since he has started growing older faster than he had previously.
His most recent journey was to Erronade where he spent several months performing and talking with the local inhabitants, searching for information from years gone by. However, during his stay he learned to speak with the goblins in the area and he has come to share their ideals, especially those concerning the Emperor. He now has a goal, and a halfling with a goal is a force to be reckoned with.
But time goes on, and as Vrah continues to interact with the world he is beginning to form an outlook on the world as a dark place where only the strong survive, and sometimes in order to be strong, one must be willing to do anything and just appear, strike and then disappear just as fast.

“You adventure for a living. You pantomime for a starving.”

“He’s a psychotic dwarf.”
-Typical conversation between Sol and Vrah

Vrah Mordare

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