Hypocratic Oath

A long silver scalpel with a violet glint

weapon (melee)

Hypocratic Oath
Artifact Weapon (Implement)
Enhancement: 2 (1 per tier)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: +1d8 per plus

The spirit of Shizuka will study your enemy and whisper its weaknesses to you. As a minor action when you are adjacent to target you may Analyze it. You may have up to three Analyze points on a single target. You may, at any time, declare a Dissection. This uses the Analyze points that you have on your target and provides a +2 bonus to hit and damage for melee attacks. If you begin to Analyze another target while Analyzing a previous target, all Analyze points are lost for the previous target.

Power (Daily)
By allowing Shizuka to possess your body briefly, you gain incredible accuracy and skill with a scalpel when using it for healing or research. You gain a +1 per plus bonus to Heal checks. You are treated as trained in the Heal skill during this action. As well, any “Invasive research” you preform will leave no mark or evidence of its occurrence.


Hypocratic Oath

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