“The Aven’derano left behind a legacy of magic and power. Legacies sold to the highest bidder.”
-Zekrek, Ssarian Hunter

Legendary Weapons

The Rule of Four

Legend speaks of four blades of immense power and scope. Passing through the hands of many a General and King throughout history, the Four have been in play on one side or another during each major conflict that the world has faced. Legend has it that if all four are gathered by a worthy master, they may gain the power defy the law of worlds.

Twisted Thorn A blackwood scythe that once was held by the nymph Selkie the Greenheart. The greatest harvest requires the greatest sacrifice.

Broken Image A sword made from a shard of mirrored glass from long ago. Reflections deep of ages past are trapped behind the mirror glass.

Marrow A heavy hammer made from ancient bone of even more ancient power. Cities rise and fall at this hammer’s call.

Cipherbane Little is known of this weapon beyond its name and even that is of some debate. Supposedly the most powerful of the four, no legend speaks of any wielding the weapon.


Glory’s Truth was held by Gratis Alwend, an Elvish lord whose lust for power led to the contamination and destruction of Myyrana. He commissioned this flamberge. It is said to possess a bloodthirst of its own and will dig deep into a victim or, if no target can be found, the owner himself.

Ursa’s Fury was wielded by the legendary Lunarae berserker Bear. A fullblade that seethes with a burning black flame, one can almost feel the primal fury of the warrior who used this blade to fell a thousand foes.

Sageslayer This crooked blade is a bane to any wielder of the magician’s arts.

Bella Morte A thin rapier with a rose guard that gives great accuracy to its wielder.


Hypocratic Oath A silvery scalpel that cuts through the toughest armor with ease. If you look at the polished blade closely, you can almost make out a wide, violet eye.

Compass Arrow A long, thin obsidian blade designed to work in conjunction to Compass Rose.


Arc Viper A sharply twisted piece of dark steel forged from the mad smith Jindo.


Sanity Grinder This wickedly sharp bonesaw held by the mad Anatomist Shizuka Takasumi cuts through the mind of its victims.

White Knight and Black Joker A twin pair of handaxes blessed by the heavens and cursed by the shadows.


Clown Crown A jester’s fetish made into a heavy iron morningstar, this weapon has toppled empires through the most unlikely circumstances.

Phobia A pickax of no discernible traits that carries a great fear.

Ranged Weapons

Fact Finder A copper longbow that has been found, lost, and found again by explorers throughout history. It is said to locate what one needs most, but for a price.

Implements of Magic

Compass Rose An oversized architect’s compass said to bring great control over otherworldly beasts. Possessed by The Traveler

Magical Wonders

Stick This simple shaved and cut sapling has found its way into the hands of almost every great hero in recorded history.

Stone of Hatred What seems to be an innocuous stone at first glance belies a terrible artifact. The stone is much heavier than it perhaps should be, and it is stained a deep red. What happens when one is struck with such a hateful implement is better left to the imagination.


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