Ethnicity and Nationalities

“You’d think what with over a hundred years of Imperial mandate things would settle down a bit. But no, Commoners are still foul mouthed ruffians, Clarioners still look like puffed up jaybirds, and you still can NEVER understand what any bloke from Folly’s talking about unless he’s spittin’ hard in your face. Which, to be perfectly frank, he’s likely to be doing anyway.”
-Traveling Magistrate Nella Undershaw

Gengian The citizens of Gengi are farmers, herders, diplomats, playwrights, and musicians. The difference between the citizenry of this small nation is a matter of birth and drive. Many children dream to travel to Cross and become performers or to travel the Golden Road on grand journeys. This is a dream that many give up on in their latter days of youth however, most being driven into stubborn faithfulness to the land by their heritage and parenthood. Most Gengians are cultured and open-minded, being a country exposed to the greatest variety of cultures and species and legends.

Folians The people of Folly want a simple life. Tol knows they do. It’s the sad thing about what we want though that we so rarely get it. Consisting largely of hamlets and towns ranging from moderate to insignificant, Folly spreads across the large section of plains, forests, and hillocks which make up the north of Tolara. Its people are fishermen and farmers who want to be left well enough alone. Mist comes from the Heavenstooth Range and with the mist comes monsters, murderers, and magic. The people of Folly are the reluctant sires of heroes and villains both, the theory being that Folly is such a boring yet dangerous place to live that one can’t help want to save the world or destroy it.

Bastilites Those who live within the Lorowal are the dedicated. Under constant threat of abberant invasion, the wall guardians as a people are tougher than most. They rise with the watch and most have had some tour of military service during their lives. This routine has developed an astounding work ethic and those who choose the artisan’s life are among the best in the world. Rigidity has its costs however, and Bastilites are not exactly known for their tolerance. Under attack from various monsters nearly constantly, the people of Bastil are not very trusting or open-minded.

Errons Giving up life in the Empire is a dangerous and significant decision, sometimes the last decision one makes. Because of this, the people who live within the safe haven of Erronade keep close to their kin and home. Opinions for the Empire within Erronade will never be positive and often range from distrust to outright hatred for those who come from outside the Goblinforged walls. The nation itself is the most accepting of any within Tolara. Any who are willing to provide for their fellow are welcome inside Erronade.

Clarioners The people of Clarion are split into two distinct classes: those who hold the gold, and those who the people who hold the gold stand on. Touting one of the most disparate wealth gaps in Tolara, Clarion’s people are relatively happy with their lot if you ask them. Outside of the capitol, olive groves and tobacco provide trade throughout the continent. Inside the city walls, Clarioners are some of the swarthy merchants the world has ever seen. Clarion is the largest port city inside the former Empire and as such has the largest Tutelage save for Aeon itself. Its people are tolerant but not exactly accepting. As well a recent attack by a Forgotten One has led its people to become especially suspicious of magic of any kind.

Commoners The Ferryman’s Commonwealth is a massive nation led by a council of Merchant-Lords who conduct trade throughout the former Empire. Touting exclusive access across the Elith Lake the Lords have a monopoly on the major trade routes in Tolara; a monopoly that is used with great enthusiasm. Apart from the almost aristocratic mercantile class, there is a large community of rice and herb farmers in the swampy environs surrounding the three major capitols.

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Ethnicity and Nationalities

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