“… Well now what?”
-Teppen Rienhart, Former Lord-Knight of The Empire’s Military, now brigand.

The Imperial Flame
Called Quenchers by the general populace, the Imperial Flame is a group of traveling inquisitors whose mission is to uphold the Law of Four, the universal law of the Empire. They track through the smaller towns and villages of each nation, employed by not the nations that they judge, but the Empire itself. They solve minor and serious disputes alike. Their uniforms are white stiff robes with a blood red tabard carrying the flame and scale insignia emblazoned on the Seal of Tol. Their rulings are absolute and while they usually have trial before announcing sentence, they are able to act without one if the need is clear.

Since the cataclysm, Quenchers have become a group of nomads seeking to right wrongs wherever they find it. Whatever form it may take. They are as dangerous as they are noble, and are not to be trifled with.

The Silversail Clan
Do what you want, open ocean with the wind at your back. The life of piracy calls to many despite its rather unsavory derision from the Empire at large. The Silversail Clan is one of the more organized pirate fleets, led by Captain Horven Blackflint, or King of Sails as he calls himself, a Minotaur of fierce practices. How his clan climbed the ladder to become the most respected fleet? Well, the shipwrecks along the coast of Flotsom Island speak for themselves.

The Guild of Scattered Blossoms
Called Collectors within their own ranks and Slavers by those outside, the Guild of Scattered Blossoms engages in the unsavory but, in the mind of the people, necessary practice of slave-trading within and outside the Empire. The Guild is led by a Triumvirate of officials and is a very professional group, buying only from respected sellers and are very courteous to their property. However, if one of the Guild’s slaves escapes, from their caravans or from an owner, they will stop at nothing to retrieve their lost “goods”. Bad reputation wouldn’t be good for business.

The Bulwark
Those who watch, the ones who protect. The Bulwark is a special elite force whose sole duty is to maintain constant vigilance over Lorowal. Comprised of Academy Mages, military, and warriors of all shapes and sizes, the Bulwark shares very little in common with the strict discipline of the Imperial Guard. “Anything to get the job done” is the motto of the Bulwark, their life being one of adventure and security to the world, not just one Empire.

Merchant’s Commonwealth
The endeavors of three merchant Lords to create a stable and profitable whirlwind of economic success culminated in the Corporation known as the Merchant’s Commonwealth. A group of various businesses and guilds from adventuring parties to collect treasure to Academy Mages to cobblers to Menders, the Collective takes all kinds into its ever growing fold. Kept carefully in hand by the Big Three, the Collective is a sign of quality and of assurance in goods throughout Tolara. If a sack of sugar has the Collective’s stamp, it’s sure to be of fine quality.

The Golden Academy
A safehaven for the unlucky sorcerer or a bastion of knowledge for the curious wizard or scholar, the Golden Academy, also known as simply The Academy is a magnificent complex that has hidden itself away in the base of Chainlink Spire. Those who study at the Academy share a kind of camaraderie and often an Academy Mage will go off to the aid of another graduate or a former professor. The Academy has become a refuge of those of magical birth since the Aven’Cumulae began to abduct those with arcane blood in their veins.

The Grande Masque, the Mystery, uncouth ravel, whatever you call them, Masques are the height of entertainment within Tolara; whether the Emperor likes it or not. Performing plays and singing songs that would get the performers killed if they were ever caught, Masques dare to defy the Emperor and mock the Imperial Players at every turn. There are seven known Masques, each with their own specialty and each with a bounty on their heads. Despite the trouble though, many small villages accept the Masques when they cannot afford the fees of the Players. Many of the larger productions in the theatres of Cross are of Masque production as Cross offers sanctuary to the illicit groups.

The Barbarian Tribes
Carving out a small niche for themselves in the southwest of Tolara, the savage tribes live outside the law of the land, instead choosing a barbaric and uncivilized lifestyle. Hunting and gathering, shamanistic worship of the Elements and clan wars pepper the rough lives of these people.

The Elvish Clans
Despite the Empire’s best efforts during the Assimilation, the majority of the Elvish population remained beyond the control of Imperial rule. There remain three factions of elves, the Pisoda, Aven’Cumula, and Lunarae.


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