Alcoholics and Otherwise

“Here, try this. You’ll be the first to try my potion. Or poison. I’ll label it after testing.”
-Anatomist Shizuka Takasumi


Morning Glory
A miraculous drink that cures your hangover quick as lightning. A very mild taste with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, this elvish brew is a delicious way to start your day.

A Ssarian concoction made from cacti and a bi of the Ssarian’s own poison, Seskoo looks like brackish water, smells like nothing, and tastes like dirt. It has a punch like a drunken titan though.

Imperial Sucker-Punch
A drink credited to Minstrel Abel. The “Sucker-Punch” is not for the faint hearted.

A bright green liqueur that carries with it a hint of flowers, a shot of Grass will leave you tipsy, but sated as though you’ve eaten a full meal.

Rock Whiskey
A special whiskey only found in taverns with Earth Genasi on staff. Smooth, heavy, and with a kick that will knock a Dwarf sideways. Just don’t ask how it’s’ made.

Halfling Fruit Wine

Dark Dwarven Ale
A beer black as pitch with a taste full of hops and crystallized nuts, this classic traditional dwarven drink has become highly popular throughout the Empire. It is served at nearly every tavern and inn in the Empire although the taste gets steadily less authentic the further south you go.


This yellow powder is a mild stimulant. When mixed in with a liquid, milk has the strongest effect, it gives the user a sense of awareness beyond the norm. This effect is caused by weakening the user’s mental defenses and opening them up to the secret whisperings of the Other. While not particularly addictive, those who use in excess are often seen muttering to themselves.

Liquid Pain
An infernal substance made from distilled torture, liquid pain is a bright red liquid with the consistency of thick blood. Only the most depraved create the substance by using a horrible device of hooks and hoses to extract pain from a victim. However, the substance is, while not widely available, within the grasp of most anyone desperate enough to use it. For, any who drink Liquid Pain are dulled in their reception to their own pain after the first shock. Highly addictive, the substance dulls sensations to the point where most addicts become masochists in an effort to feel anything at all.

A multicolored alchemical compound that is chewed like a toffee, Grin provides euphoria and a glibness that the most silver-tongued devil would envy. Due to its effects, Grin is often called “Bard’s Chew”. The drug has horrible withdrawal symptoms such as rage and sadistic inclinations. Addicts are often seen with a terrifying rictus smile.

Alcoholics and Otherwise

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