Ssarian Clans

“By Hold and Stone, traveler, the Wrekka Clan welcomes you to Na’Ubrion.”

The Ssarians have never been whole as a people, or so the clans would believe, from the moment of their birth they were separated out into their skills and uses. They were used as tools. This has changed in the past decades as the Ssarians have begun to truly understand themselves as a race and as a people. The Clans, once a symbol of slavery, have become a point of nationalism and pride.

Ssarian clans:

The Sinset Clan: This group of Ssarians has, through many generations of persecution and exodus, have begun to embrace the animalistic nature of their race that so many “softskins” seem to believe makes them a monster. Their clan is highly territorial, hiding deep into the underground of the Wild Dunes and scavenging for food both above and below ground. Their territory is small, for now, since not any Ssarians chose to live as beasts, clinging on to what humanity remains in their blood. However, the Sinset population is growing quickly and, led by the vicious Hive, the Sinset soon may seek to expand their territory beyond that of a hunting ground.

The Zulfa Clan: The Zulfa are explorers, born and true. To them, the endless wasteland of the Zexek desert is a vast treasure-trove just waiting to be unearthed. They may even be right, recently the entire city of Laloren was exhumed by the hands of a Zulfa, or so he would have the Na’Ubrion commissioners believe. The Clan is unique in that it has no Hold to call its own, preferring the nomadic lifestyle to one of, as they put it, stagnation. The Zulfa have struck up a deal with the Na’Ubrion Court: freedom and mobility and an even split on whatever treasures they find and in exchange the Court may ask that the Zulfa surrender their services at any time as hunters, seekers, or, some conspirators say, even warriors.

The Wrekka Clan: Claiming to be the oldest Clan in existence, the Wrekka claim to trace their lineage as far back as the arrival of their Djinn masters. The Wrekka believe in civility and congress above all else, civilization is their goal. Their Hold, the Broken Tree, lies in the central environmental district of Na’Ubrion. From their Ambassador Eremac holds court, acting as liason between the Ssarion population and the Djinn Lords and the outside world. The clan itself is made up of diplomats, bankers, and bureaucrats, believing that the way to survival and everlasting prosperity is through the pockets of commerce.

Ssarian Clans

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