Zexek Desert

Outta all the shit that goes round round here, demons below, freaks above, sand in places ye never wanna talk about. Least we got some civilization here. Sucker’s still a sucker in Na’Ubrion.
-Krion Corsovan

Within the swirling Zexek desert hides some of the most dangerous locations in all of Tolara.

Na’Ubrion: The City of Glass
A city that seemed to have grown organically from the glass-like quartz which makes up a large part of the city, Na’Ubrion is, or so the legends say, a product of the imaginations of two powerful Djinn. The Lord of the Morning and the Lord of the Evening they were called, and together they desired all the treasures that the Zexek Desert had to offer.

They bound together the forces of the elements within Na’Ubrion and made it their home, however, great masters are often in need of servants. From the ashes that make up the vast desert they forged beings unlike the world had ever known: The Ssarians. Together Na’Ubrion became a hub of ancient magics, found and forged anew. However, the Ssarians became restless, their inherent clan loyalty instilled in them from birth became the downfall of the Djinn Lords.

Selenas Wrekka, Princess and heir to the Wrekka Clan, began to want more for her people than a life of dogs. This feeling intensified when she met Sslenek, a Clanless Warden of great power and drive. With Sslenek came a dangerous party of felons, holy men, and elves who, through the workings of the Spider Thorn guild and Sslenek’s impressive fortitude, managed to create the Liberation Cartel.

With the Liberation Cartel at their backs, the group of adventurers staged a massive invasion of Na’Ubrion, creating an impossible situation of the Djinn Lord’s twin fortresses coming into a collision course with the Wrekka Compound.

No one knows what happened up there in those floating castles, but when the party came back down, the Lord of the Evening was dead, the Morning Lord complacent and willing to assist, and Sslenek had taken on the mantle of Lord of the Silver Scales.

The city now is in a state of rebuilding, with the Ssarians now having an equal part in the city’s creation.

Zexek Desert

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