• Blue Plum Henry

    Blue Plum Henry

    The greatest faerie bravo to ever flutter four feet above the earth.
  • Gabriel


    The Chronicler, a divine guide to history
  • Kivmorn Dawntracker

    Kivmorn Dawntracker

    Scion of a broken home, the sword-scarred traveler
  • Sol


    Curiosity, enquiry, a life of ties forgotten
  • Constable Remington

    Constable Remington

    A human soldier searching for answers.
  • High Ambassador Zelatoss

    High Ambassador Zelatoss

    Leader of the Ssarian Wrekka Clan, a powerful leader
  • Hunter Lord Selo

    Hunter Lord Selo

    Leader of the Hunter's Combine, a sensously violent foe
  • Krion Corsovan

    Krion Corsovan

    Leader of the Spider Thorn Thieves and All Around Nice Guy
  • Liliana Thorne

    Liliana Thorne

    Princess of Thorns, heir to the Rose Empire
  • Malcolm Kess

    Malcolm Kess

    A lecherous trickster member of the Masque
  • Melanne


    Love of Selkie the Greenheart, the Keeper
  • Navindra Kelsiveth

    Navindra Kelsiveth

    A sapling, an elf, a curiosity
  • Rodan Albright

    Rodan Albright

    Guard Captain of the Majestic Quarter in Erronade
  • Selenas Wrekka

    Selenas Wrekka

    Wrekka Princess, love of Sslenek, and leader of the Ssarian Liberation Cartel
  • Sslenek


    In the swirling sands of the Zexek Desert, a heart of thunder beats.
  • Tellan


    Innkeeper of the Red Quill, Teifling with a troubled past
  • Val


    A mysterious young man of unscrupulous morals
  • Vrah Mordare

    Vrah Mordare

    Halfling minstrel with a history
  • Xynthis Tenulae

    Xynthis Tenulae

    A blade, a loss, a hatred that runs deep