Twisted Thorn

A blackwood scythe with a bone blade, this weapon pulses with primal energy.

weapon (melee)

Twisted Thorn
Artifact Weapon (Implement)
Enhancement: 3 (1 per tier)
Damage: 1d8 (one increment per tier)
Critical: +1d8 per plus and drains half life and delivers to user in temporary hit points

After sowing seeds and creating soil within Nehver and Tolara alike, Twisted Thorn has awakened to its power. For each step taken life will blossom or die. If used as a hoe, crops are guaranteed to grow. For each creature destroyed by Twisted Thorn its soul will be tied to the scythe. When full (20 souls), its wielder may use all of the power of the captured souls to bind a creature permanently within Tolara. This does not work for all beings. Finally, when attacking unnatural creatures, Twisted Thorn provides a +2 attack bonus. Unnatural is any creature not born in Tolara.

Power (Daily)
Use this power when you would use an area attack. All creatures (including flying creatures) in the area of the power are slowed until the end of your next turn.


Twisted Thorn

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